Oct 2018
Oct 2018

For the course Design for Debate, I together with my group made up "DataTrade", a fictional company that had as ambition to make the selling of user data a fair process. Users could connect their phones to the DataTrade extraction tool, and be able to choose which data they would want to sell. The user would receive a percentage of the money DataTrade would make from selling it.

We went out into the center of Eindhoven with our quickly thrown together flyers and lanyards, to test if we could get people interested in this fictitious service. We had as a goal to make people a little more aware of how much the services they use for free are earning from their data, and to see how much people value that data if confronted with the option to sell it for a monetary value.

The results range from people who were not interested at all when being stopped in the streets to listen to our sales pitch, to people who were genuinely disappointed DataTrade was not real.

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