Feb 2021
Jul 2021

With a growing focus on the well-being of office workers, there is a rise of smart products to improve on unhealthy working habits (e.g. bad posture). However, these products often have a narrow use case, and lack transparency in their data collection.

What would happen if we open up these use cases, and empower the workers themselves to research their working habits? Habilyzer presents a set of open-ended sensors which facilitate curiosity driven inquiry into working habits. The plug-and-play sensors can be deployed in any way the user wants to, driven by their area of interest. Curious about restlessness at work? Stick a sensor on your feet to measure foot tapping! Which habits are you curious about?



Habilyzer at Dutch Design Week

Drivers of Change

October 2021



Social Design Talent Award 2021

Gemeente Eindhoven

October 2021

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Tjeu van Bussel, 2021