Sep 2021
Dec 2021

With road construction works in your neighborhood, you will inevitably have to take new routes to your usual destinations. What if, instead of focusing on your destination, the journey becomes a goal in itself?

Serea is a DIY cardboard kit with accompanying web-app which guides you to your destination using a soundscape, while you wander in the moment and get lost in your surroundings. Using GPS and your phones’ compass, Serea makes sure you’ll never truly be adrift.

This kit can be distributed by the municipality of Umeå to local families, leading up to a major road construction, to reframe the construction period from a nuisance into an opportunity for new experiences of one’s surroundings.

Serea is a result from a pilot collaboration between Umeå Kommun and Research Institutes of Sweden (RISE) to explore how design can contribute to natural ways of fostering urban health and well-being, connected to the European Union "GoGreenRoutes" project.


Tjeu van Bussel, 2021