Tall Tales

Dec 2019
Dec 2019

We created 2 events for SURF to promote employee initiatives inside the company. I was a part of this project during my internship at Afdeling Buitengewone Zaken.

For promoting the employee initiatives, we created an event during an afternoon drink where employees were asked to share stories about their work or projects in a storytelling context. For this, we created a setup that looks like it could be a reading corner in a library, but more adapted to the audience and corporate culture of the company.

In the second event, we took employees out to the streets to get in a conversation with potential end users of their product – something they rarely did. We created 4 “room dividers” that could be used to create a semi-private booth for the interview, to give the employees a prop for carrying out the conversations, which were about privacy norms in their products.

These screens and reading corner had to be built in a short timespan on a tight budget. I was responsible for creating the materials list and overseeing the creation of the props. These had to be of high quality, since they were an end product delivered to the client. My key learning points were on iterating aesthetic qualities (the first version looked more like a mall Santa setup), and that sometimes it is better to outsource parts of the creation process (I had to sew black stretchy fabric, which was very hard to do. A tailor around the corner had it fixed within 30 minutes for a small price)

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